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Babe the sheep-pig at Nuffield Southampton Theatre – Review

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One of my favourites things about summer is having the bbq on with friends and family and a cocktail in hand. A personal favourite being a mojito! Although as i write this post it is very grey and windy outside! English weather eh!?

Here i made 4 different mojitos and enjoyed each one so thought i would share with you! I ended up using lemonade as my mixer, my original plan was soda water but i didn’t love how it came out, but its personal preference so just use whatever you fancy!

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Chessington World of Adventures


At the beginning of this year Pete & I bought us and Jacob merlin passes. A merlin pass gives you access to all the merlin parks and sites as many times as you like over one year, this includes Legoland, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, London Dungeons, London Eye and the list goes on. We thought now would be the best time to get one before Jacob starts school in September and we’re then limited to school holidays only.

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Chocolate orange Cupcakes!

If you know me, you will know I have an obsession over chocolate orange, jaffa cakes, terry’s chocolate orange, orange matchsticks you name it. So i decided to make some chocolate orange cupcakes yum! and i’m so happy with how the buttercream came out!

So i thought I would share the recipe in case anybody gets a case of choc orange cupcake cravings!

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Where has summer gone!?


Ok, I know it’s may and summer hasn’t reaaally started, but usually in May its hot and theres next to no rain. Not this year! It’s rained so much i wake up thinking we’re in winter, today was no different except whilst walking up to pre school with Jacob, he asked if afterwards we could go put boots on and jump in muddy puddles, and who I am to deny him a play in the rain.  Continue reading “Where has summer gone!?”

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Mental health awareness week

I thought as it’s mental health awareness week I would share my story of my past & current mental health battles.

When i was 15 I became ill, i struggled getting out of bed and going to school. It wasn’t for a few months when my parents realised something was really wrong and after multiple Dr’s visits and blood tests i was diagnosed with M.E also know as chronic fatigue syndrome. Continue reading “Mental health awareness week”