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Things I’ve been loving through April

Is it just me or has April flown by quicker than i could count to ten. Before i know it it’ll be Christmas ( not that i’m complaining!)

I thought i would show you a few things that I’ve kept reaching for in April, and am still loving now!


First thing I’ve been loving is fruit tea! I’ve bought a few boxes of Twinnings tea, including a cherry bake-well tea, yum! I’m not a hot drink drinker at all except for the occasional hot chocolate. I read online it can help with anxiety, and with working nights and the odd testing toddler moments it gives me 10 minutes to relax! Also how cute is my octopus mug!


Next is the matte me ultra smooth matte lip cream from Sleek, mine is in the colour shabby chic and i am OBSESSED with this. i must have worn this 95% of the time in April! The colour is gorgeous, a muted mauve and it goes matte instantly, without being drying and lasts all day even when eating and drinking! By far my favourite lip product at the moment, i will definitely be going back to stock up on every other colour!


Now its getting a bit warmer, spring is trying to turn to summer ( may is summer right!?) & i have been loving highlighters! these are the two that I’ve been changing between, the first (which as you can tell has been very loved, as i’m now hitting pan on my favourite colour!) is from sleek again, & is the rockstars collection, diamonds in the rough palette. It has 4 highlight powders, two champagne & two pinky colours, and 2 shimmer cremes a silver and gold.

The second being the revolution  vivid baked highlighter, this has more of a gold payoff, and would look great with a tan! It’s incredibly pigmented, and looks gorgeous on!


The next could probably be classed as a forever favourite and not just for April. I have a crazed obsession with notebooks, i keep buying them, and definitely don’t need the amount i have especially as i never seem to finish them. But i LOVE them! The rose gold butterfly one i cannot for the life of me remember where i got it, but the black one was £2.50 from Primark, and thought it was cute! I’m using it for my blog post ideas, and i love the idea of being an organised woman, maybe that’s why i hoard stationary!


My last favourite is of course a snack. Who could live without snacks, not me!! I’m trying to be a bit healthier, especially working nights i eat at weird times of the night. I saw these in Aldi and thought i would give them a go, I’ve tried the salt and vinegar ones which were lovely, so i was happy when i found these and they are delicious! a great alternative to crisps. albeit not the best on the healthy scale but better than crisps and chocolate! would definitely recommend if you have an Aldi supermarket near by.


What have you been loving recently? Any TV shows? Mine has been Pretty little liars! I’m so happy it’s back but with only one episode a week, its not fulfilling my binge watching needs haha! Anyway off to go warm up my now very cold fruit tea. Fail!




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