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Where has summer gone!?


Ok, I know it’s may and summer hasn’t reaaally started, but usually in May its hot and theres next to no rain. Not this year! It’s rained so much i wake up thinking we’re in winter, today was no different except whilst walking up to pre school with Jacob, he asked if afterwards we could go put boots on and jump in muddy puddles, and who I am to deny him a play in the rain. 

So at 4pm I packed up his wellie boots and a brand new paw patrol umbrella and went and picked him up, we decided to go to Wilverly enclosure in the New forest. I love the forest in the rain, i love the look of it, and the smell of it. Jacob wasn’t as impressed but he did enjoy twirling his umbrella about and walking through puddles that were only just shallow enough the water didn’t go in his boots!


A lovely afternoon spent with my little one, even if it was raining we made the most of it! Now please bring back a little bit of sun!





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