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One of my favourites things about summer is having the bbq on with friends and family and a cocktail in hand. A personal favourite being a mojito! Although as i write this post it is very grey and windy outside! English weather eh!?

Here i made 4 different mojitos and enjoyed each one so thought i would share with you! I ended up using lemonade as my mixer, my original plan was soda water but i didn’t love how it came out, but its personal preference so just use whatever you fancy!

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Chocolate orange Cupcakes!

If you know me, you will know I have an obsession over chocolate orange, jaffa cakes, terry’s chocolate orange, orange matchsticks you name it. So i decided to make some chocolate orange cupcakes yum! and i’m so happy with how the buttercream came out!

So i thought I would share the recipe in case anybody gets a case of choc orange cupcake cravings!

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